Orissa Beach Holidays - Gopalpur Beach

Holiday on the beaches of Orissa in eastern India and you're sure to be amazed. The beaches of Orissa are a lesser-known attraction of holidays in India and you'll find yourself all alone with miles of clear sandy beaches stretching away into the distance, while on your Incredible India beach holiday in Orissa. Visit the temples, cultural attractions, and pilgrimage destinations near the beaches of Orissa on beach holidays in Orissa. Incredible India Holiday invites you to explore the unexplored beaches of Orissa, India. Prepare to be enchanted by the beautiful beaches of Orissa on your Incredible India holiday on the beaches of Orissa, India.

Orissa Beaches

Gopalpur On Sea : Swim in the Bay of Bengal, stroll along the sand dunes, jog on the beach or explore the attractions of the beautiful beach of Gopalpur on Sea, Orissa on an Incredible India Beach Holiday.

Chandipur Beach : Located at a distance of 16 Km from Balasore, Chandipur Beach is known for the extensive tide along the beach. About 5 Km of beach is exposed by the tide as it recedes and then rises along the seashore.

Konark Beach : Home to the historic Sun Temple, Konark also has a fabulous beach. Tourists come to Konark, both to pray at the sun temple, admire its magnificent carvings and enjoy a holiday on Konark Beach in Orissa. The calm ambience of the beach is unique. The sunsets and sunrises at this beach are truly spectacular.

Paradeep Beach : Famous as a seaport, Paradeep also has a lovely beach backed by a scenic marine drive. The Mahanadi River pours into the Bay of Bengal at Paradeep and a nearby temple dedicated to Lord Baladeva is also a popular pilgrimage spot.

Orissa Beach Holidays - Balighai Beach

Puri Beach : Puri Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand popular with families and beach lovers. Food vendors and beachside entertainers can be seen on Puri beach. Puri town is home to the famous Jagannath Temple and is considered one of the holiest places in India.

Balighai Beach : Located at a distance of 8 Km from Puri, Balighai Beach is a beautiful beach locale with a row of casuarinas trees providing a green backdrop for the white sand. The nearby Sea Turtle Research station is also an interesting sight.

Talasari Beach : Situated at a distance of 88 Km from Balasore, Talasari Beach is a delightfully relaxing sight. The sunset at Talaseri Beach is a spectacular sight, which you shouldn't miss on your beach holiday in Orissa, India.

These are only some of the Beach holiday destinations in Orissa, India. You can explore the beaches of Orissa on your Incredible India Holiday itinerary.



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