Passports : Passport is a travel evidence signed by the national government, which normally signifies the holder as a national of the issuing state and desires that the holder be allowed to enter and exit through other countries. Thus India government also made it mandatory; all the travelers to India barring the national of Nepal and Bhutan should present the valid passport for identification and authenticity. India Tourist Visa, India Tourism Visa

Visas : The foreign tourist excluding the nationals of Nepal and Bhutan should present a liable visa card at the time of their visit to India. A visa is either a vivid stamp or preset text affixed to a page in the passport by the Indian Consular office abroad or Indian Embassy. There also remains certain rules and regulation in case of issuing of Visa. india tourist visa, india tourism visa. The nationals of Maldives are allowed to come in India without Visa up to three months. General tourist visas are valid for three to six months. These are not subject of issue on your arrival. A visa costs US$ 40, which remains valid for up to six months, US $ 65 becomes operational for up to one year and US $ 180 remains valid for more than one year to five years.

Type of Visa Period for which granted No of entries Document required with application Extendable in India
Tourist 180 days Multiple   No
Transit 15 days One Return / onward journey ticket No
Business One-Five years Multiple Document to prove bonafide purpose (Company’s letter etc.) Yes
Employment One year or period of contract Multiple Proof of employment as a skilled worker or at high post (appointment document), terms and conditions by laws of the company Yes
Student Period of course Multiple Proof of admission in India institution Yes
Foreigners of Indian origin One – Five Year Multiple Proof of being on Indian origin Yes

Collective Visas:

There are certain rules and regulation regarding the issuing of collective visas. With a renowned travel agent foreign tourists in-group of at least four will grant the tourist visas or collective visas without any prior reference.

1) The particulars of each individual or groups must be submitted in a minimum of four copies to the Indian Mission, three days before departure.

2) After evaluation and a careful checking, the Indian Mission stamps a collective Visa and returns these remaining three to the sponsoring travel agency.

3) After your arrival to India, the leading person of the tourist group domains over two copies of the list to the colonization authority

4) Before four hours of the arrival of flight, Indian agent should present to the list of particulars to the group members to the immigration authority.

5) Collective ‘license to travel’ is also obtainable in case of splitting of big groups. So there occurs a facility for smaller groups to visit several sections of India.

Visa provisions

There remains certain predetermined Visa provisions, if visa crosses its 180 days limit; registration becomes necessary before 14 days of your arrival to India. If that particular tourist is associated with tourism trade then his visa will be granted for up to five years. india tourist visa, india tourism visa

Extension of visa in Delhi -Ministry of Home Affairs
-Director (F), Lok Nayak Bhawan, (1st Floor) Khan Market, New Delhi -110003

Nepalese and Indian citizens in their tour by air have to submit following documents to prove their nationally.

·Valid national passport

·Valid photo identity card issued by the government of India/ state government or Union Territory Administration / Election Commission of India.

·Emergency certificate issued by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu to Indians and by the Embassy of Nepal in Delhi in for the Nepalese citizens.

Transit Visas : Transit visas are a special type of visa granted by the Indian Missions abroad for a time limit of 15 days.

Exemption from Registration:

The foreigners who are coming to India by using their tourist visas can visit every nook and corner of the country and even the prohibited and restricted areas within 180 days or less, without any registered authority.

Landing Permit Facility (for group tourists):

A collective landing for a particular period of time on a written demand of the travel agencies can be allowed for the foreign tourist. The colonization Officer will require personal and passport particulars of group members for their itinerary and a commission that all group members without any fail will obey the itinerary. india tourist visa, india tourism visa,

Extension of Visa:

Without any exception, no extension of stay is granted for the tourist beyond 180 days. If a foreign tourist attains expansion beyond three months, he should give up his Certificate of Registration and Residential authorize before departing India. Contact MHA, Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi for extension of tourist visa tourist visa.

Other Types of Visas:

Business Visa: Business Visa is generally approved for 3 or 6 months. Hence, many- entry Business Visa are allowed for up to 2 years validity granted to technicians/experts going to India in pursuance of joint harmony or joint venture schemes bearing government approval.

Student Visa: Proof of admission and means of sustenance while in India must be provided to the Indian Embassy; a visa may be extended in India for the duration of the course or five years, whichever is less. Foreigners who want to study yoga, music, Vedic culture, dance, etc, must apply well in advance. Indian Embassies may grant visas for up to five years.

Employment Visa:

Employment Visa can also be occurred after providing evidence of employment with the respective companies in India.

Conference Visa:

Conference Visa is for the dignitaries attending the international conference in India. For that purpose the persona must concern the Indian Embassies in advance.

International Time

Country +/- Indian Standard Time Country +/- Indian Standard Time
Australia   Switzerland -4 ˝
NSW, Victoria +4 ˝ United Kingdom -5 ˝
S. Australia +4 Greece -3 ˝
W. Australia +2 ˝ Bulgaria -3 ˝
Bangladesh + ˝ Russian Federation  
Burma +1 Moscow -2 ˝
China +2 ˝ Omsk + ˝
Hong Kong +2 ˝ Vladivostok +4 ˝
Japan +3 ˝ Anadyr +7 ˝
Nepal + ˝ Czech & Slovak  
New Zealand +6 ˝ Fed. Rep -4 ˝
Pakistan - ˝ Hungary -4 ˝
Singapore +2 Poland -4 ˝
South Korea +3 ˝ Romania -3 ˝
Taiwan +2 ˝ Canada  
Algeria -5 ˝ Atlantic -9 ˝
Ethiopia -2 ˝ Central -11 ˝
Kenya -2 ˝ Eastern -10 ˝
Nigeria -4 ˝ Mountain -12 ˝
South -3 ˝ Newfoundland -9
Uganda -2 ˝ Pacific -13 ˝
Bahrain -2 ˝ United States  
Egypt -3 ˝ Alaska (East) -13 ˝
Iran -2 Alaska (West) -16 ˝
Iraq -2 ˝ Central -11 ˝
Israel -3 ˝ Eastern -10 ˝
Jordan -3 ˝ Hawaii -15 ˝
Kuwait -2 ˝ Mountain -12 ˝
Libya -3 ˝ Pacific -13 ˝
Oman -1 ˝ Argentina -8 ˝
Qatar -2 ˝ Bahamas -10 ˝
Saudi Arabia -2 ˝ Brazil -4 ˝
Australia   Acre -10 ˝
Germany -4 ˝ East -8 ˝
France -4 ˝ West -9 ˝
Italy -4 ˝ Cuba -10 ˝
Netherlands -4 ˝ Jamaica -10 ˝
Spain -4 ˝ Mexico -11 ˝
Sweden -4 ˝ Peru -10 ˝

Foreign trekkers etc in a team must provide full details for visas for the required duration.

Visas may be granted to teams or individual sportsmen wishing to participate in international sports events being held in India.

Foreign journalists, media persons and documentary and feature film-makers may obtain visas after undertaking due formalities from the Indian Embassy.

In case of problems at Immigration, contact the Assistant Commissioner of Police at the Airport Immigration Office.

The Government of India has revised the PIO Card Scheme, which was launched in 1999.

To apply for the PIO card contact The Ministry of Home Affairs, Foreigners Divisions, Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi -110003 Tele: 2469334 or the Foreigners' Regional Registration Offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Amritsar.

Special Permits

Some sensitive areas in India- usually border districts -are out of bounds for most travellers.

However, if tourist groups wish to visit these remote, fascinating places, they may obtain special permits at no extra charge from the Indian missions abroad or governmental agencies within India, for a limited number of days.

Foreigners' Regional Registration Offices

New Delhi
Foreigners Regional Registration Officer
Level II, East Block VIII, R.K. Puram, Sector-1 New Delhi -110022 Tele: 26102622

Foreigners Regional Registration Officer
237 Annexe, II, 3rd Floor, Crawford Market,
Mumbai 400 001 Tele: 22621169

Foreginers Regional Registration Officer
237 Acharya Jagdish Chander Bose Road,
Kolkata 700 020 Tele :22470549

Chief Immigration Officer, Bureau of Immigration,
Shastri Bhawan' Annexe, No. 26, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai 600 006 Tele: 28232642

Additional Deputy Director, Bureau of Immigration,
B/123, Ranjeet Avenue, Amritsar Tele: 258250
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