Rediscover tranquility in the mystical embrace of Himalayan mountains and the holy river, Ganges. Journey into royal antiquity. Arrive at South Asia’s finest Resort and Spa ‘ANANDA’ in the Himalayas – translated from ancient Sanskrit to mean happiness and self contentment. Within a verdant haven of well being, at the elevating ascent of the Himalayas, soothe your senses with serene silences. Attain sanctuary of the mind and body, and discover the luxury of true wellness. Once the abode of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal, 'ANANDA’ is now the chosen destination of the leisure, lifestyle and business traveller. A short forty minute flight away from New Delhi ‘ANANDA’, undulates over a hundred acres of forest, neighboring the town of Rishikesh, the spiritual birthplace of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.


The Wellness Centre invites you to a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation Dedicated to your rejuvenation is a vast universe of 21,000 sq. ft., embodying the promise of health and vitality, youthfulness and beauty.

In the healing presence of nature and positive aura of the Spa, uplift your spirits. Rely on the confident energy of nutritionists, Physicians and Spa Therapists and their knowledge of ancient India sciences and modern western treatments.

Bring radiance to your skin and body with our detoxification treatments, which remove toxins accumulated due to stress and strain. Enroll in our Weight Loss Programme, reduce body fat and retain a slim seductive figure with our secrets.

At the Wellness Centre, an intrinsic element of Spa treatment is natural Himalayan spring water. Revive your body in the sauna, steam room and the hot and cold plunge baths. Soothe away stress and tension with Himalayan Hydrotherapy.

Feel your body being renewed with warm and silken herbal oil massages. Wrap your body in a comforting cape of firming clay, while inhaling the elevating aromas sculpt your body with multi flow water jets,.Invigorate your senses, immersed in a bath perfumed with fresh blossoms.

The bedrock of the Ananda philosophy is Ayurveda, a traditional Indian science of holistic medicine, developed over centuries by sages and holy men who were gifted with universal insight and experience. Qualified Ayurvedic practioners perform the therapies, which rejuvenate the system, tone up the body and relax the mind, support our commitment to health and wellness. Some treatments for eg. Abhyanga, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Sirodhara, Elakizhi, Sirovasthy, Thakradahara, Kadidhara etc.

The ancient science of Yoga upholds wellness as a natural state of being, when the mind, body, and environment coexist in total harmony. Inner peace becomes a goal for the person seeking good health and well being.

Instructors from the Bihar School of Yoga hold daily classes at Ananda. Reach your innermost potential through meditation. Achieve the enlightening postures and knowledge of yogic chakras. Honouring harmony between body and being, the many ashrams in Rishikesh continue to assert the popularity of this ancient credence.

Fitness Centre
Empower your body with the encouragement and expertise of a Personal Trainer. Work yourself to your peak fitness in the 16-Station Life Cycle Gym. Lose weight, tone up with strength and stamina enhancing equipment. Join in aerobic classes and add a higher bounce to your step from the ozone rich mountain breeze. Dive into the 25 metre lap pool and set your own pace.

Other sporting options include tennis, squash and golf.


Ananda is built around the palace and estates of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal, a believer in the ‘Himalayan Way to Health and Happiness’. Evoking India’s ancient art and the meditation of the sages, Ananda houses a unique collection of yantra artworks. Throughout the resort, these original works depict cosmograms and mandalas, inspired by the primal elements.

The concept of the five elements of nature - earth, fire, water, air and sky materialise in multimedia murals, varied sculpture and myriad abstract forms.

The distinct accommodation ranges from seventy rooms, four Executive Suites and the Viceroy Suite. Located along the tranquil mountain ridge, Valley View Rooms overlook the calming contours of the Ganges. Garden View Rooms face the exquisitely landscaped palace estate. Deluxe Suites and the Rafael Suite have their own private gardens. The Viceroy Suite has an extensive terrace overlooking the Ganges, music pavilion and the sculpture garden.

Contemporary amenities for the business or leisure traveller include:
Two Phone Lines Data Port Facilities Satellite Television
Private Bar Voice Mail In-room Safe
In-room Tea/ Coffee Maker

Art of Dining

Heal your soul with a silver spoon and a menu for a better living - our spa cuisine. Dine on signature meals enriched with the vivid flavour of organic herbs and vegetables. For those who prefer non vegetarian meals, we offer the healthier option of river fish and white meat.

Enjoy open air dining, with vibrant views of the valley. Retaining the natural beauty of the outdoors -indoors, the restaurant has been built around 100-year-old sal trees.

On starry nights, add an artistic nuance to your meal. Dine in the amphitheatre while watching spectacular dance and music performances. For a traditional taste of India, ‘The Royal Indian Thali Experience’ a banquet in itself, is a culinary piece de resistance.

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